Over 50 Years of Urology at WVU


1962: Dr. Franklin Milam becomes the first Chief of the Section of Urology, under the Department of Surgery at WVU. Urology became a surgical rotation at WVU, although not a required rotation at this time

1966: Dr. Orinso Orteza was the first Urology Resident to graduate from the program. 

1970: West Virginia University president James Harlow authorized the establishment of an independent Department of Urology on November 1, 1970, Dr. Franklin Milam, Dept Chairman.

1973: The Urology Residency Program first became an accredited program

1985: Dr. Franklin Milam retired as Chairman. Dr. Donald Lamm was recruited from Texas and became Chairman. Dr. Lamm served as Chairman until 2001 when Urology became a division under the Department of Surgery.

2001: Dr. Stanley J. Kandzari was appointed Section Chief of Urology at West Virginia University

2010: Dr. Kandzari stepped down as Section Chief and Dr. Stanley Zaslau assumed the position

2017: The Division of Urology becomes the Department of Urology. Dr. Stanley Zaslau is named Chair of the new department

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