Pipeline Project Grants

Goals and Eligibility:

A Pipeline project will be expected to have significant preliminary data and be directly aimed at translational applications of vaccines. Each Pipeline will be required to support at least one undergraduate or graduate student.  Semi-annual and annual reports will be due to the VDC and renewal of the project funding each year will be contingent on available funds and progress on the research and goals.  All faculty above the rank of Post-Doc or research associate will be eligible to apply for support. 


  • $50,000
  • Renewable each year
  • $2,500 for travel to present findings of the project 
  • 50% can be used on salary for students and research staff
  • Upon acquisition of significant research funding, the PI will not seek to renew and the remaining funds will be available for new projects
  • It is expected there will be three Pipeline projects receiving support per year of the WV HEPC Research Challenge Award
  • PIs will provide an annual report due on Dec. 1 of each funded year

Required Documents:

All documents should be assembled into a single PDF file. All documents should have 0.5 inch margins with Arial 11pt font and single spaced. Figures are allowed and encouraged.

  • Cover page and budget (please download here)
  • NIH Biosketch
  • Research strategy (6 page limit)
    • Specific Aims - Should clearly detail the goals and directions of the work
    • Innovation - Should speak to the need for the vaccine to be developed and the technological advancements the project offers
    • Approach - Should logically describe the aims and the experiments designed to achieve the goals
    • Outcomes - Should detail the expected results and describe any challenges with potential solutions

No new Pipeline Project Grants at this time. Please check back in January 2020.