Educational Goals and Objectives

All PGY levels have the same goals and objectives. However the expectation for the resident’s performance increases as they gain experience and we will monitor this with our statistical program.
The goals and objectives of the genetics experience are to prepare and enable residents to:

  • Demonstrate competency in the procedures involved in work-up and diagnosis of cytogenetics/molecular specimens in order to effectively interpret results.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior in all situations.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to reviewing and improving their practice patterns and to life-long learning.
  • Explain the concepts associated with the scientific basis of genetics and the ability to utilize the medical literature and modern techniques to provide accurate cytogenetic/genetic diagnoses.
  • Communicate effectively in verbal and written form with their clinical colleagues, administrative, technical, and clerical personnel.
  • Discuss the policies and regulations affecting health care (i.e., CAP accreditation, HIPAA, compliance to Medicare and billing regulations, etc.)