Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Residents must be able to demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective information exchange and teaming with other healthcare providers. These skills are paramount to success in sharing knowledge or making requests from staff, technologists, and other lab members (intramural) along with understanding and being understood by clinicians and other healthcare workers ordering tests or requesting results of assays (extramural). The resident is accountable for effective oral and written communication skills with all team members within his/her professional sphere. Evaluation of the residents’ interpersonal and communication skills will be made by:

  • consultation with staff members in the microbiology lab, Clinical Pathology division and Infectious Disease department, as appropriate (all levels)
  • direct assessment of their communication with other health care providers, patients, and patients’ families during consultations, patient evaluations/specimen collections (where applicable) and formal presentations (all levels)


  • Rotation evaluation
  • 360o Global evaluation