Patient Care

Residents must demonstrate a satisfactory level of diagnostic competence and the ability to provide appropriate and effective consultation in the context of pathology services. The resident will be evaluated for the patient care aspect of the rotation by demonstrating an understanding of the clinical indications and optimal methods used in microbiology diagnostics to support patient care. Key requirements for proficiency in this area will include the ability to:

  • Perform and, to varying levels, provide interpretation of multiple laboratory assays that are part of patient-focused care in a variety of infectious diseases (junior level)
  • Gather essential and accurate clinical information about the patients on whom they receive clinical consults (senior level)
  • Be actively involved with Microbiology consultations and being available to clinicians technical staff in the laboratory during working hours (all levels)


  • Rotation evaluation
  • Resident portfolio of cases of the month, presentations to medical technologist, and clinical consult cases.
  • 360o Global evaluation