New minor in molecular medicine offers students lab-based research, hands-on learning opportunities

Beginning in Fall 2023, students can earn a minor in molecular medicine from the School of Medicine. The minor helps prepare students for postgraduate study and career opportunities in the biomedical and health sciences fields.

Students will have opportunities to develop critical thinking skills, engage with clinical and industry experts to understand and address relevant problems in medicine and learn from National Institutes of Health-funded faculty, who research mechanisms and treatments for various diseases.

The School's Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine drew on the research and clinical expertise available through the School’s partnership with WVU Medicine when designing the program's curriculum.

According to Visvanathan Ramamurthy, Ph.D., chair of the department, the courses required for the minor use collaborative, engaged learning approaches and provide students with opportunities to participate in active lab research.

“In addition to this active learning style, the curriculum has a unique open book/note policy for exams, allowing students to synthesize the knowledge they have learned throughout the course,” Ramamurthy said.

“WVU is one of a few institutions nationally that offers undergraduate programs in molecular medicine,” he said. “This is truly a unique opportunity for students to gain in-depth knowledge about mechanisms and treatment strategies for diseases, as well as lab-based experience in this field before applying to graduate and professional schools or entering the workforce.”

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