Ambulatory Operations

Division Mission

The Department's Ambulatory Services Division brings quality medical care to both the community and WVU’s student population.  We provide primary care services (preventative care, sexual health, mental healthcare, chronic illness, etc.) to our students, while also providing acute care and traveling counseling for the community and university at our Student Health Services location. 

We also evaluate all acute illness and injuries at our Suncrest and Fairmont Urgent Care locations with a physician always on site, access to MyChart and referrals to specialists.  We also have on-site x-ray, point of care testing, and laboratory testing 

Student Health

We provide excellent, up-to-date care to the WVU student population.  We are their “doctors-away-from-home”.  We are their go-to facility for routine preventative care, education, counseling, and any acute needs.  Understanding that students’ experience with us will likely be their first attempt of seeking medical care without their parents, we strive to be welcoming and compassionate.

WVU Student Health

Urgent Care

Urgent Care fills the need of medical community to provide non-emergent acute care without overloading our Emergency Departments and inundating Primary Care offices.  Our team understands people’s busy schedules and the difficulty of trying to get same-day care for acute conditions and provide readily accessible care, with close ties to Primary Care providers and the Emergency Department to maintain continuity of communication.

WVU Medicine's Urgent Care

Educational Opportunities

The Division of Ambulatory Operations offers robust bedside educational experiences for WVU and visiting medical and advance practice provider students at the Suncrest Urgent Care site, as well as more advanced educational experiences for the WVU Family Medicine residents at both the Suncrest Urgent Care and Student Health locations.

Division Contact