Academic and Professional Standards Committee

Reviews the academic and professional progress of the students enrolled in the MD degree curriculum, as outlined in the Policy on Academic and Professional Standards governing the MD Degree Program.

Admissions Committee for the M.D. Degree

Attracts, evaluates, and selects the best possible medical student applicants for the MD degree program in keeping with the School of Medicine mission and values. It maintains a preference for West Virginia resident applicants who are qualified by their academic record, aptitude, character, and drive to become successful medical doctors. Qualified non-resident applicants with the same qualities will also be considered for admission. Preference for non-residents includes ties to WV, WVU, and/or a rural community or the Appalachian region, as it is believed that they are more likely to contribute to the health care programs of the state in the future.

Continuing Medical Education Committee

Provides physician expertise and guidance to the WVU School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education. This expertise and guidance enables the Office of CME to function as a nationally accredited provider of continuing medical education credit through the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Continuous Quality Improvement Committee

The Continuous Quality Improvement Committee (CQIC) is charged to monitor compliance with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation standards and elements.

Curriculum Committee

Oversee the objectives, structure, content, teaching, management, and organization of the educational program leading to the MD degree. Through the Associate Dean for Medical Education, the Curriculum Committee advises the Dean with regard to these matters.

Distinguished Teacher Committee

Annually recognizes and rewards exceptional teaching and/or innovation in teaching methods, course and curriculum design and instructional tools. A principal criterion for award is documentation that recipients are considered among the very best teachers, at any rank, in the School of Medicine (SOM).

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

To provide expertise and guidance to the WVU School of Medicine regarding all matters of diversity,
equity and inclusion.

Graduate Program Admissions Committee for Biomedical Sciences

Attracts, evaluates, and selects the best possible graduate student applicants for the graduate degree programs in the Biomedical Sciences within the Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, keeping in mind the mission and values of the Schools.

MD/PhD Scholars Admissions Committee

Attracts, evaluates, and selects the best possible MD/PhD applicants, keeping in mind the mission values of the School of Medicine.

School-Wide Committee for Faculty Evaluation, Promotion and Tenure

Provides the annual assessment of the faculty as outlined in the School of Medicine Guidelines for Faculty Appointment, Promotion and tenure.

Standards of Behavior Committee

Reviews any instances of inappropriate behavior by faculty towards students that are brought forward after attempts to resolve the issue at other levels have failed.