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MD/PhD Scholars Admissions Committee


To attract, evaluate, and select the best possible MD/PhD applicants, keeping in mind the mission values of the School of Medicine.


  1. Director and Administrative Coordinator of the MD/PhD Scholars Program. Members (4) of the Internal Advisory Committee of the MSTP
  2. Three faculty members
  3. Three senior MD/PhD Scholars appointed by the Director of the program
  4. MD Admissions Director
  5. Responsible Staff member ( ex officio)

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Pre-select applicants for invitation to a 2-day visit/interview to the campus
  2. Interview prospective MD/PhD students
  3. Identify in rank order, a list of qualified applicants for final selection.
  4. Formal offers of acceptance and other decisions recommended by the Committee shall be signed by the Director of the MD/PhD Admissions Committee, the Assistant Vice President for Graduate Education, and the Associate Dean for Student Services and Professional Development
  5. Serve as advisors for each assigned student enrolled in the MD/PhD Scholars Program
  6. Review the academic progress of the students. The Committee shall recommend to the Director if a student with a GPA below 3.0 in the PhD portion of training or with unsatisfactory grades or narrative evaluations should be placed on academic probation. The Committee will assist the Administrative Coordinator in counseling those students who are encountering difficulty in academics or research activities.
  7. Following satisfactory completion of the first two years of medical school and passage of the USLME STEP1 examination, students begin their mentored, dissertation research and select a specific graduate program in the biomedical sciences or public health sciences. Advancement into a graduate program requires approval by the Committee, with particular guidance from the graduate director of the respective graduate program.


The Director shall call meetings as required to complete the duties of the Committee in a timely and efficient manner.