Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, Outside Consulting and Outside Employment

In January 2011 the School of Medicine Executive Committee (department chairs & associate deans) moved to adopt the Health Sciences Center (HSC)Conflict of Interest guidelines - adding one additional statement specific to the School of Medicine. This additional statement is included in section C – “The use of West Virginia University’s name or logo is prohibited on presentation and/or other printed materials for use at an industry sponsored event. The intent of this stipulation is to eliminate perceptions that the views/opinions being presented are those of West Virginia University instead of the individual faculty/staff that is presenting.”

At the West Virginia University School of Medicine cultivating meaningful relationships with our patients is paramount. Therefore, it is our goal to systematically eliminate any barriers that would prevent this type of relationship from occurring. Hence, the development of a conflict of interest policy and disclosure process at the WVU School of Medicine which has been based on the following guiding principles:

  • We do not want drug/device companies teaching our students and residents how to practice medicine – that is our job.
  • We do not want drug/device companies telling us how to treat patients - that is our job
  • We do not want drug/device companies writing our papers or presentations-that is our job.

Our patients should be confident that ALL clinical decisions are based on their best interest. It is our intent that this policy enhances the level of confidence that our patients have with regard to their clinical care, while continuing to allow us to educate and train the highest quality of health care professionals for West Virginia and our nation.