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Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Outside Consulting Arrangements

WVU BOG Rule 1.4 - Ethics, Conflicts of Interest, and Outside Consulting Arrangements

This rule describes the guidelines that must be followed regarding outside consulting arrangements.  It also contains a link to the form that must be completed and reviewed by the Dean as well as the disclosure form that must be completed annually.  This annual form is in addition to any other annual disclosures that may be required by WVU Medicine.   Please note that outside consulting arrangements (including expert witness testimony) are not covered by the University’s insurance policy.  As part of the Conflict of Interest guidelines, a written request must be submitted to the Dean for approval to speak at an industry - funded event. The request should be received in the Dean's Office at least 30 days before the event.

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SoM Conflict of Interest Guidelines

The Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia University employs innovative faculty and staff who earn regional, national, and international recognition for their contributions to education, research, patient care, and the advancement of their diverse clinical and scientific specialties. As a result of their expertise and experience, faculty and staff have opportunities to engage in professional activities with industry, professional and scientific organizations and journals, other univ ersities, and governmental agencies.

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CoI AAMC Recommendations

Contains The AAMC Recommendations and the School of Medicine Guiding Principles.

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ACCME Standards for Commercial Support

Standards to Ensure the Independence of CME Activities

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West Virginia Ethics Act

In addition to following all relevant guidelines and policies of the university, all faculty members of the WVU School of Medicine that are state employees are personally obligated to abide by the West Virginia Ethics Act. The link below will provide an overview of the Ethics Act and should be reviewed thoroughly by any faculty member before he or she wishes to engage in any consulting or employment outside of his or her employment with the university. See also, WVU BOG Policy 17, entitled "Ethics." 

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