April 19th 2016 - #16-16

SoM Community News and Happenings

STUDENT SERVICES OFFICES – ALL CAMPUSES - CLOSED TOMORROW AFTERNOON (12-4 pm) for joint campus meeting.  Thank you for your patience.  Contact your Dean on Call as needed.  

TIME SENSITIVE WVU ANNOUNCEMENT – HSC STUDENT PARKING PERMIT RENEWAL THRU APRIL 29.  Any permit not renewed by April 29th will not be a guaranteed renewal.  Current students permit holders renew here… log in with student ID… Enter request through “Wait List”.  Only registered students are eligible for renewals.

SUMMER FEE ASSESSMENT BEGAN this past weekend.  View your account through MIX/STAR.

FINANCIAL AID FOR SUMMER has been processed.  View your account through MIX/STAR for aid notification. 

SPRING STUDENT FORUM WITH DEAN MARSH:  Wednesday, April 27 at 12 p.m. in the Okey Patteson Auditorium. This is your chance to ask questions and share comments or concerns with Vice President and Executive Dean Clay Marsh. University Police will also discuss the safety benefits of the free mobile app “LiveSafe.” Clay will also discuss new initiatives on the Health Sciences campus to reduce our energy footprint and become a more sustainable learning environment. Bag lunches will be available to bring into the auditorium.

ORAL CANCER SREENING FOR THE UNDERSERVED presentation.  Wednesday, April 27 at 11:30 am

CERTIFIED HAS A NEW NAME!  Certified, through which your health and immunization records are housed, has rebranded and is now called CastleBranch - Same company, same services.  All email notifications re: your immunizations now come from CastleBranch.  Avoid immunization deadline issues!  Watch for these emails even in your spam folders. 

ALL STUDENTS INVITED to the School of Medicine Awards Convocation: Friday, May 13, 5 pm.  Fukushima.   

BE A PALS TUTOR! http://medicine.hsc.wvu.edu/dme/education/peer-assisted-learning-service-tutoring-program/

HOUSING FOR INCOMING STUDENTS:  If you have an open room or would like to share information about your apartment building please complete this form: http://goo.gl/forms/1ctfrwbPm3.  Questions?  Leigh Pratt.  

STILL NEEDED!....GRADUATION HELPERS!  Sunday, May 15, 7:00 am – 11 am.  Contact Pam Carico.  

April 29 - WELLNESS EVENT hosted by M3 Morgantown – ALL INVITED!  A FORMAL PROM! Friday, April 29, 8pm-12am, Ramada Inn. "The Great Gatsby" Questions?  Meghan Davis.  

May 7 –Project REACH  will have a booth at the Cheat River Festival in Albright on Saturday, May 7 for  basic health screening, education outreach, and sphygmomanometry for as many CheatFest goers as we can.  Please sign-up if you may be interested, and we'll work out shifts and carpooling. 


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WELLNESS – MORGANTOWN CAMPUS:  April 29, “The Great Gatsby” Prom.
AWARDS CONVOCATION:  May 13, 2016. 5 pm.  Fukushima Auditorium. 
GRADUATION WEEKEND CLASS OF 2016:  May 13-15, 2016. 
WELLNESS – CHARLESTON CAMPUS:  June 18, Whitewater Rafting. 

What’s Happening  – Morgantown 

MS4 Class of 2016

NEED SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS during the graduation ceremony?  Contact University Office of Accessibility Services.

MS3 Class of 2017

CLASS OFFICER EMAILS OF INTENT to this email address no later than TOMORROW 4/20/2016 5:00 pm.

GTR1 AGENDA!  ATTENDANCE REQUIREDFriday, April 22nd, 1 pm SHARP! multi-campus presentation.  Meal tickets provided as you exit your exam.  BRING YOUR LAPTOPS!

RURAL SCHOLARS PROGRAM 2nd round of applications for the Rural Scholars Program. Deadline for application is April 29, 2016 with notification date of May 30, 2016.  Questions? Holly Maroon at maroonh@wvuhealthcare.com .

MS2 Class of 2018

VOTING through SOLE survey separate class email coming to you tomorrow.  Thank you for the many excellent nominations!!!  Please vote!!! Presentation at May 13 Awards Convocation. 

MS1 Class of 2019

CLASS OFFICER EMAILS OF INTENT to this email address no later than TOMORROW 4/20/2016 5:00 pm.

SEEKING PEER ADVISORS:  We would like to find current MS1s that would like to serve as peer advisers to the incoming class.  Anyone interested in becoming a peer adviser can sign up here:  http://goo.gl/forms/5ndDco1cOj.  Students can contact me if they have any questions.  Leigh Pratt will be sending out advisee information and peer adviser expectations in June. 

What’s Happening – Charleston

MS4 Class of 2016

NEED SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS during the graduation ceremony?  Contact University Office of Accessibility Services. 

MS3 Class of 2017

SHELF EXAMS THIS WEEK! Psychiatry – Thursday 7:45am Room 2024, second floor of the WVU Building.  All others Friday, please arrive at 8:30 am 4th floor of the WVU building. Students please be prompt! Desk Tops will be provided on both days!

GTR1!  ATTENDANCE REQUIREDFriday, April 22nd, lunch 12:30 pm room 2024.  12:45 pm GTR1/Career Counseling. 

What’s Happening – Eastern

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Truffle Shuffle on Saturday, April 23rd 8:30am in down town Martinsburg, needs students to work in the medical Assistance tent.  Please contact Dana DeJarnett to volunteer.   ddejarnet@wvumedicine.com

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Healthy Cooking Demonstration, Sat. April 23rd at Hospice of the Panhandle. Student volunteers need to assist.  8:30am.

STEPPING STONES:  Volunteers needed - Street Rounds- Tu. Immanuel’s House, Mon. reserve a time wvusteppingstones@gmail.com  

MS4 Class of 2016

NEED SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS during the graduation ceremony?  Contact University Office of Accessibility Services.

Finishing your rotations?  Please turn in your ID badges, green tags, and keys to your desk in the study area!  Thanks!

Please remember to log your Community Service Hours.  You must have 100 documented to graduate.  

MS3 Class of 2017

GTR1!  ATTENDANCE REQUIREDFriday, April 22nd, 1 pm SHARP! multi-campus presentation. 

FM Mid Semester conferences are scheduled for Friday
PSYCH COMMUNICATION UNIT:  Learning Space- Friday, 11:30-1:00pm.  Schedule will be forwarded.

After your mid-semester conference, please go to Evalue and sign off that you have reviewed your conference summary.  Please do this for each clerkship. 

MANDATORY STUDENT PRESENTATION FOR COMMUNITY MINI MED SCHOOL:  Tuesday, May 17th, from 6:30 to 9:00pm.  All students will be presenting recipes from the MedChefs curriculum.  

JACQUES:  Please make a note that the OB/Gyn practical will be held on Fri. April 29th, 10-12pm-at the Health Science Center with Dr. Merzouk and Dr. Janoo.  


April 22 – Psych Communication, Learning Space.  11:30-1 pm.   
April. 29- Fri. OB/Gyn Practical Exam
May 27-Fri.  Medicine Quiz #2
Exam Finals- Jun. 6 through Jun. 17th
Jun. 17, Fri- End of Semester, Lunch with the Deans. 

SPECIAL PRESENTATION - “Being Mortal”, a film and panel discussion, RCB Health Science Center, Tu. April 12, 6-8:00pm.  A presentation discussing End of life issues

M & M- Friday- May 13th, 7:30am.  Student Presenters, Darrin Nichols and Joseph Hansroth.  Please contact Dr. Turner for your case assignment.  Your objectives and title should be submitted by Wed. May 4th. 

CUSHING:  UHP Berkeley Medical Center Inpatient Team Coverage for students scheduled with the BMC hospitalist group. 

April 19-April 25- Dr. Ristroph
April 26-May 2- Dr. Reidy   

Upcoming Educational Events at BMC
April 27th – Physician Symposium Purple Iris, 5:30 “Adnexal Masses”

PEDs Grand Rounds- Wednesdays at BMC, (locations TBA) 8:00-9:00am. Please attend if you are on a Peds rotation week. (exception Frederick nights)


GTR#1- Friday, April 22nd, 2016- 1 pm, MDTV to Eastern Campus
GTR#2-June/July/Aug.- Meetings with Dr. C for CV, Personal Statement, and Specialty choices discussion. 
GTR#3- Sept/Oct- Eastern Mock Interviews by appointment, or can participate in Morgantown or Charleston if rotating there when offered. 
GTR#4- Jan. 2017- Video Conference presentation available on all campuses: Match and SOAP review.