Medical Weight Management Program

The reach of our Medical Weight Management program goes beyond seeing patients in clinic. We participate in advocacy for obesity treatment, and provide outreach through social media, print, video, and audio communications.

West Virginia University School of Medicine’s departments of Family Medicine and Internal Medicine are collaborating to offer the Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Fellowship, a training program for the development of physician experts in metabolic diseases with an emphasis on obesity medicine. The fellowship is for board eligible primary care physicians.

Due to the high prevalence of obesity in West Virginia, it is critical for clinicians to be adequately trained to address metabolic diseases. West Virginia University’s resources and expertise provide the ideal setting for a Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Fellowship with a rural focus. This initiative aligns with the institution’s mission as a land-grant university, as it aims to improve health in West Virginia.

WVU’s fellowship will produce clinicians who will be leaders as well as teachers. Future practice for fellows may consist of treatment of metabolic diseases with an emphasis in obesity medicine, either alone, or in conjunction with primary care.