The division provides many opportunities for faculty and fellow to conduct research and have the opportunity for publications. Her are some of the titles and topics that our division has worked on:

  • Use of state registries to compare practices of physicians and nurse practitioners in completing physician orders for life-sustaining treatment forms
  • Education on Advanced Care Planning and shared Decision-Making for nursing and medical students
  • Nurse Practitioner Role in Advanced Care Planning and complete of POLST Forms
  • Impact of nurse practitioners in completion of Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment in West Virginia
  • Congruence of POSLT and patient’s preferences for care at end of life
  • Home and palliative care needs of patients with heart failure and vascular dementia and their caregivers in rural Appalachia
  • Dialysis in older patients with renal failure and dementia
  • Clinical signs of imminent death in inpatient hospice patients
  • Inpatient CPR survival rates
  • Early palliative care interventions and ICU readmissions in high-risk patients
  • COVID-19 pandemic impacts on U.S. hospice agencies
  • COVID-19 and Advance Care Planning in West Virginia
  • Emergency Preparedness involvement by U.S. hospice agency personnel
  • End of Life Topics Affecting the Care of Patients with Advanced Dementia
  • Anticholinergic Burden and Hospital Delirium in an Appalachian University Hospital
  • Support and education for caregivers of demented patients