Message from the Division Chief

Dr. Rashida A. Khakoo

At the WVU Department of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases, we are proud to be a part of the state’s largest health system. Our members contribute to clinical, educational, research, and scholarship goals that serve our patients, learners, and communities. Our faculty utilizes its diverse interests and experiences to provide expert, compassionate inpatient consultations and ambulatory care. Our division’s members also receive grants for research from various sources including the Health Resources and Services Administration and the West Virginia Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (WVCTSI).

Our combined Joint/Ortho Infectious Diseases Clinic continues to expand, along with our telehealth programs that serve patients at other institutions in the state. Our highly active Outpatient Antimicrobial Treatment Program (OPAT) is valuable in providing safety with antimicrobial use. Since 2003, our HRSAfunded Ryan White HIV program has provided HIV/ AIDS care to patients in the 33 northern counties of West Virginia.

Our faculty members are leaders in education and recipients of national accolades for their outstanding teaching.

Our West Virginia Hepatitis Academic Mentoring Partnership trains primary care providers of West Virginia in delivering reliable care and prescribing treatment to patients with hepatitis C throughout the state.

Further, our Global Health Program imparts essential skills and competencies in clinical tropical medicine, laboratory skills in a low-technology setting, epidemiology and disease control, and traveler’s health. Students, residents, and fellows in the program gain access to in-depth global health education with international rotations in Guatemala, Ghana, Italy, Jamaica, Paraguay, Fiji, and Brazil. Accredited by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, our Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers’ Health course is one of only eight such programs in the United States.

Our Infectious Diseases Fellowship guides two fellows per year in becoming compassionate and competent clinicians in Infectious Diseases. As a quaternary referral center for West Virginia and surrounding states, fellows within our division are exposed to a diverse patient population including immunocompromised hosts, infections associated with injection drug use, and much more. Fellows also have the option to pursue other areas of interest such as global health or a critical care concentration via an ACGME-approved combined Infectious Diseases-Critical Care fellowship.

Finally, during the COVID pandemic, our faculty have provided leadership in inpatient services, ambulatory care, and infection control. They have been instrumental in providing education related to COVID-19 in our communities.

As our programs expand, we remain enthusiastic about opportunities to enhance all our missions throughout the state of West Virginia and surrounding areas.


Rashida A. Khakoo, MD, MACP

Vice Chair Scholarship & Faculty Development

Professor & Division Chief, WVU Department of Medicine Division of Infectious Diseases

Assistant VP for Faculty Development (HSC)