Residency Benefits

2018-2019 Salary Schedule

PG1 - $54,170

PG2 - $56,180

PG3 - $57,993

PG4 - $59,751

Vacation and Sick Leave:

Each resident accumulates a total of 15 hours (2 days) leave each month or 180 hours (24 days) per year. Annual leave cannot be taken until it is earned. Sick leave is accumulated at a total of 11.25 hours(1.5 days) each month or 135 hours (18 days) per year.

Housestaff are allowed 17 days of vacation time per year during their training, with a maximum 5-5-7 days off per month.   Also 3 additional days are given by the department during the Christmas/New Year Holiday (23 total days off per year).  Vacation may be taken only during electives and subspecialty clinic rotation.  If electives fall in the first of the year before vacation is earned, an exception may be made.

For Neurology residents a spending account of $500 for books is given each year. Each resident is given $2000 to attend a national conference during their training.

Travel expenses to attend annual or scientific meeting will be taken from your spending account. Days will be taken from conference/vacation time.


Residents holding a Medical Doctor (M.D.) Degree may practice medicine for a limited time within the Program without first obtaining West Virginia licensure but cannot practice outside of the Program without licensure. It is the policy of West Virginia University Hospital, Inc. that all Resident physicians or dentists apply for and obtain licensure as soon as they are eligible for such licensure.

WV State Board of Medicine Licensing Eligibility Requirements for those with MD Degrees:

  • Attempt Limit: Unlimited
  • Time Limit: Must complete USMLE Steps 1,2, & 3 within ten (10) Years.
  • Exceptions: There may be exception for dual MD/PhDs with board approval.

Malpractice Insurance:

The West Virginia State Board of Risk and Insurance Management provides professional liability (malpractice) coverage. The Board of Risk is a state agency that self-insures professional liability coverage for all state employees. This occurrence-based coverage provides limits of one million dollars per occurrence. The coverage applies to all acts within the assigned duties and responsibilities of your residency training program; it does not cover you for outside activities such as moonlighting. You are required to provide your own professional liability coverage for activities outside your residency training program. You must report any questionable incidents concerning patient care to your program director and to risk management at the Health Sciences Center. A written report must be completed and sent to Risk Management (PO Box 9032) to be reviewed and forwarded to the Board of Risk as needed. Risk Management can be reached at 293-3584 (Health Sciences) and 598-4070 (WVUH).


All residents are required to be currently certified in both basic cardiac life support and advanced cardiac life support. Both courses are provided by WVU Hospitals, Inc.


  • Book Stipend: $500.00 per year
  • Conference Stipend: $2,000.00 for National Meeting during residency
  • American Academy Neurology Membership with access to Green Journal and Continuum.
  • Educational Resources:  Access to numerous resources such as Uptodate and PubMed. 
  • Parking: Reserved for House Officer parking at West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc.
  • Health Insurance: House Officers are eligible to enroll in the state employees health insurance or state managed health care options (HMO’s, etc.) through our Human Resources / Employee Benefits (304-293-4103).
  • Disability Insurance: The opportunity to participate in a group long-term disability coverage is available through TIAA/CREF by contacting the WVU Human Resources / Benefits Office (293-4103).
  • Lab Coats, Meals, Night Call: Lab coats will be provided and laundered for House Officers training at West Virginia University. A meal card is provided for use while on call, please check with department coordinator. Adequate sleeping accommodations will be provided by WVU Hospital.
  • Paid Life Insurance: Each employee is offered $10,000 term life insurance at no cost. Additional coverage may be purchased for a monthly premium based on age and the principal sum selections. Dependent life insurance may also be purchased.
  • Retirement: Employees contribute 6% of their gross pay to the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA/CREF) Retirement Program. West Virginia University matches the employee's contribution with an equal amount. Employees may choose to place all or part of the retirement contributions in either TIAA (which invests bonds, mortgages and loans to business and industry) or sever CREF funds (Stock account, Money Market account, Bond Market account, Social Choice account, Global Equities account, CREF Growth Account and CREF Equity Index account). Vesting is immediate and retirement may begin at any age upon termination of employment.
  • Supplemental Retirement: In additional to the basic retirement plan, employees have the option of tax sheltering additional money through a supplemental retirement account.
  • TIAA Disability Insurance: A long term disability plan providing a non taxable monthly income to age 65 in the event of total disability. The income is based on the employees salary and begins after 6 months of total disability.

Mountaineer Flexible Benefit Plan

Four Benefit plans available on a pre tax basis.

  • Medical Expenses Spending Account: Enables employees to pay eligible uninsured medial expenses such as deductibles and co-payments tax free.
  • Dependent Day Care Spending Account: Enables employees to pay eligible dependent day care expenses tax free.
  • Dental Care: Covers preventive dental care and more complex procedures.
  • Vision Care: Covers routine eye care including eye exams, lenses and frames.

Additional WVU Benefits:

  • Library Privileges
  • Athletic and Cultural Events
  • University Club - membership available
  • Recreation
    • Shell Building (weight room, gym, indoor and outdoor track)
    • Coliseum (racquetball, squash and tennis courts)
    • Stansbury Hall (gym)
    • Natatorium (pool)
  • These facilities are also available to spouse and children

Wellness Center:

Residents are welcome to use the Wellness Center on the 1st floor of the Ruby Memorial Hospital. Residents can take advantage of using exercise equipment for a yearly fee.

WVU Rec Center:

The new WVU Student Recreation Center on the Evansdale Campus is an incredible benefit for the entire WVU community. You can clear your mind, stay in shape, and recharge your spirit at this facility. This $34-million, 177,000 square foot center offers the equipment and programs that students requested. All WVU students have access to the Rec Center, and faculty and staff (and their families)can enroll for a monthly/yearly fee. This is one of the best student recreation centers in the country. What are you waiting for? Come and see for yourself.