West Virginia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience

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The goal of the West Virginia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience is to serve as support network for scientists and students who are interested in neuroscience and to communicate the enthusiasm and research activities of Chapter members to the general public. All members of the public interested in neuroscience are welcome to join the Chapter and participate in our outreach activities. This year we are organizing Chapter activities in close coordination with the Department of Neuroscience at WVU School of Medicine and the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute.

President:                  Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko, Associate Professor, West Virginia University
Contact e-mail:          nwv.sfn@gmail.com

Brain Awareness Week

In March and April we plan to visit local elementary schools to host brain awareness classroom visits. All who would like to volunteer, please contact Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko (vgritsenko@hsc.wvu.edu)!

WV Chapter Publication Awards

We are soliciting submissions for an abstract competition. Please, send us your Society for Neuroscience abstract for a competition to win a prize! All submissions can be sent to Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko (vgritsenko@hsc.wvu.edu). The abstract submissions are due a week after the deadline for abstract submissions for the SfN Annual Meeting.


We are starting an annual competition for the best peer-reviewed publication in neuroscience! The first-authors need to be graduate students from West Virginia University. A 3-person committee of faculty Chapter members will be invited to judge the submitted publications for their scientific merit. Publications in peer-reviewed journals will be considered in one or more categories, based on available pool of papers and funds. The papers will be judged based on 3 criteria, Significance, Innovation, and Approach. Up to three winners will be awarded with a SfN membership for a year. Papers can be submitted on a rolling deadline to Dr. Valeriya Gritsenko (vgritsenko@hsc.wvu.edu). The winners will be announced at the Student Appreciation Day held by the WVU annually in the Fall.

WV SfN's Community Outreach

Dr. Gritsenko's lab hosted members of the WVU Math Camp where they were able to learn about how the nervous system controls movement and how to make brain models. For more information on the camp, please visit https://enews.wvu.edu/articles/2023/06/30/summer-camp-fosters-passion-for-mathematics