Doing a subinternship is not a prerequisite to getting an interview or matching into this program. It allows the student and the WVU faculty a chance to gauge whether there will be a “good fit”. Subinternships are arranged through the Office of Student Services.

Why should I do a Subinternship at WVU?

  1. You will be integrated early into "hands on" training through the care of patients in the ER, OR, Inpatient and Outpatient areas.
  2. Morgantown is a nice place to live and has some of the best outdoor activities in the country.
  3. A month here will help you no matter where you go.

We accept up to 3 subinterns per month from July – December. We will make every effort to accommodate schedule requests. July and December are typically the most available months and all scheduling is on a first come, first scheduled basis. Please keep in mind that if you will be requesting a letter of recommendation, you should do your rotation early.

A typical rotation consists of 1 week on spine (with the chairman), 1 week on pediatrics and 2 weeks on either, adult reconstruction, foot, sports or trauma.