Admission Process

The next application period is open from January 2–May 31, 2019 for classes beginning in January of 2020 (graduating December 2021).

Please follow each step of the application process thoroughly. Your application will not be considered if it is incomplete or if directions are not followed correctly. All of the following materials must be received by the deadline in order for an application to be considered completes: Official transcripts, photo ID, signed essential functions form, personal and shadowing statements, curriculum vitae, and two recommendations. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted initially with the application but the official transcripts must be received by the May 31 deadline.

Undergraduate degrees must be conferred by May of the application period. Any undergraduate degrees awarded after the May deadline are ineligible to apply for that application period. The committee will review applications and offer an interview with courses listed as “in progress.” Acceptance into the program will be contingent upon the applicant’s final GPA and conferment of degree.

Admissions Classification

The Program has established the following admissions classifications:

Direct Admit

- Limited to current WVU students only

A limited number of students completing the Bachelor of Science degree in the Medical Laboratory Science Program who have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 may apply to the Master of Health Science, Pathologists' Assistant Program at the end of their Junior Year. These students will be admitted into the Program after completing the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science.

Direct admit students will be required to submit two references. Following review of all direct admit applications, a limited number will be offered an interview by the PA Admissions Committee.

Regular Decision

Application can be submitted between January 2–May 31. Typically, students apply during their senior year of undergraduate studies or following graduation. Students graduating in May of the application period may still apply. Again, admission is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the baccalaureate degree.