Pathology Research Laboratories

The Pathology Research Laboratories located with the Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Laboratory Medicine (PALM) in the Health Sciences Center provide WVU researchers access to technical resources needed to support their investigative studies.

The laboratories are equipped with the tools necessary to perform a broad range of tissue processing services involved in human disease research.  Histology services include tissue processing, paraffin-embedding, sectioning and staining of human and animal tissues. Both routine (H&E) and more specialized (immunohistochemical) stains are performed.

The Tissue Bank collects and stores a wide variety of diseased and normal tissue obtained from surgical resections and autopsies. This tissue can be used by investigators for their studies.

Acknowledging the Tissue Bank in Publications and Grants

Investigators are asked to acknowledge the contributions made by the Pathology Research Laboratories and Tissue Bank in publications that used our services for their work. Recommended wording be as follows: "Tissue for this project was provided by the West Virginia University Tissue Bank" or “Histology services for this project were provided by the West Virginia University Pathology Research Laboratories.”

Mailing/shipping address:
Jacquie Karakiozis 
Pathology Research Laboratories
Room 2125 HSC-North, Mailstop 9203
64 Medical Center Drive
Health Services Center Receiving/Loading Dock
Morgantown, WV, 26506  USA
Phone 304-293-0287