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Research Facilities

In addition to many recently renovated laboratories that contained specialized equipment for individual researchers, the department has common facilities available for general use including a computer facility, an isotope suite with liquid scintillation and gamma counters, histology area and confocal microscope, high pressure liquid chromatograph, high speed centrifuges, and machine shop. Institutional facilities and equipment shared with other departments include a mass spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, electron microscopes, image analysis system, recombinant DNA core facility, monoclonal antibody facility, cell sorting and sizing equipment and a SPEX instrument cation measuring system. Excellent animal-holding rooms and animal sterile surgery suites are located within the building. The Health Sciences Library, also located within the building, receives over 2,000 journals and has facilities for Medline Computer Search, programmed learning, and inter-library loan services. A Biomedical Illustration and Photography facility is located within the Health Sciences Center.