Van Liere's Letter

Morgantown, W. Va.

July 17, 1952

TO: The Alumni of the School of Medicine Of West Virginia University

Dear Alumnus:

You are familiar with the fact that a four-year Medical School (and Dental School) is to be developed at West Virginia University. We need the support of every alumnus of our school in order to make our expansion program a success. It is the aim of the Board of Governors and the University Administration to develop this Medical Center so that it will really serve the state in which we live. This is a great responsibility and challenge as you realize. In order to do this in a successful manner, we need your help and wholehearted cooperation.

You probably already know from reading THE WEST VIRGINIA MEDICAL JOURNAL that a meeting of the alumni is scheduled for Friday afternoon, July 25, 1952, in the Auditorium of the Greenbrier Hotel immediately following the second meeting of the House of Delegates. This will be an organization meeting, at which time officers will be elected for the coming year. I will preside and will be glad to answer questions. I earnestly hope that you will be present and participate. Mr. Charles Lively, our capable and faithful Executive Secretary of the West Virginia State Medical Association will be on hand to help.

I will not burden you with a longer letter, but will hope to see you at this meeting.

With all best wishes,

Faithfully yours,

E. J. Van Liere

Edward J. Van Liere, M.D.


P.S. Please return enclosed postal card telling us that you will be present