To donate one’s body to the health sciences is a noble, compassionate and humanitarian gesture. The benefits to mankind are beyond measure. After death, the body can become a source of life to others. That life is given through formal medical training in human anatomy, which is the foundation of a health care professional’s skill and knowledge. Serious and dedicated study of the human body is absolutely essential in order to develop the specialized competency medical professionals must have to provide quality health care for all.

Citizens of West Virginia or other states can easily respond to the need to support the health sciences. Donation of one’s body is authorized by the laws of all states, and a simple process makes it convenient for individuals to provide this priceless gift for humanity.

The process for donation is simple, binding, and at no cost to the donors or survivors. Please see other sections of this web site if you have further questions, to register, or for notification upon death of a donor.

The West Virginia Anatomical Board thanks you for your consideration and donation.

H. Wayne Lambert, Ph.D.,
Chair, WVU Human Gift Registry