Communications Tools

As part of WVU Health Sciences-University Relations, the School of Medicine's marketing and communications team works to elevate the school's national profile, and communicate its major discoveries and breakthroughs in biomedical research and innovations in clinical care. Our goal is to help enhance the image, identity and reputation of the school by publicizing faculty, staff and student achievements and by providing news and information to internal and external stakeholders and the community.

We want all of our faculty and students to stay connected and to have the resources needed to perform effectively. The marketing and communications office can:

  • Help share the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff with the university community and state and national media,
  • Promote our faculty experts to state and national media,
  • Work in tandem with WVU Medicine marketing to promote our signature programs,
  • Field media calls, help prepare talking points, perform media training, prepare press releases announcing school news,
  • Help promote student recruitment via our website, multimedia and print materials,
  • Work with department leadership and website editors to create engaging content that is aligned with the university’s goals and mission,
  • Communicate school and leadership information internally – SOM CONNECTions,
  • Help you determine best practices for social media and share your department’s news and info on the school’s main channels, if applicable,
  • Highlight research efforts in our SOM programs,
  • Serve as a resource for creating communication materials targeted to students, faculty, alumni and friends,
  • Serve as a resource on branding for the school and university,
  • Serve as a resource for crisis communications.


Cassie Thomas
Director, Communications and Marketing
Phone: 304-293-3412

Aishina Shaffer
Communications Specialist
Website and Social Media
Phone: 304-293-6627

Stay Connected to WVU in the News

Digital & Web Communications

West Virginia University recognizes the importance of a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW) and of a professional and uniform WWW appearance on official University web pages. This policy addresses use and dissemination of information on the WWW for all colleges, departments, administrators, faculty, staff, and students at West Virginia University. The WVU WWW is provided as a shared service to the WVU community and an access point from the Internet community.

The WVU Health Sciences Center Web Development team offers services to build a solid and efficient online presence for your department or center.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

For Help Desk, SOLE support, MyID, Room Reservations, HSC Email help, contact HSC ITS. The HSC Help Desk provides technical assistance to HSC students, faculty and staff. Contact the Help Desk via phone at 304-293-3631 (Option 1), or email

WVU Social Media Guidelines

Sharing information is a basic tenet of higher education. Through social media, it is easier than ever to reach out to others and to share information. There have never been fewer barriers to sharing, but with this openness comes a need to know exactly what to share and with whom, as well as a clear understanding of what not to do. WVU is committed to free and open expression and supports its faculty, staff, and students in the use of social media to connect with each other and to accelerate teaching and learning.

WVU Branding and Logo Standards

The WVU Brand Center is the home for our official Communications Guide, as well as web guidelines and examples of other elements of our visual brand as applied to a variety of media. Logos, signatures, color palettes, fonts, word marks and patterns are all available for use by WVU faculty, staff and students.

The correct names for the School of Medicine are "West Virginia University School of Medicine" or "WVU School of Medicine".

Printing Services

With the closing if Biomedical Services in 2013, several other local options are available to use for printing, binding, graphic design services and mailing. All of these printers work in conjunction with WVU's Trademark Licensing Division and are familiar with the templates, logos and layout required. All offer fairly competitive pricing.

Printing Companies
Morgantown Printing and Binding 304-292-3368
Fairmont Printing Company 301-363-8500
Knepper Press 724-899-4200
Mark IV Office Supply and Printing 724-437 9243

Posters & Banners

For poster and banner set up and printing, please use one of these print services. They have a working relationship with WVU and will utilize the proper logos, backgrounds and fonts.

Several poster templates are available for download:

Below are some helpful hints in editing or creating your own PowerPoint poster:

  • Pages: In PowerPoint you will need to set the page size. Go to FILE → PAGE SETUP → CUSTOM and type in your poster dimensions. (If you use one of the templates, the page size is already set.) PowerPoint has a size limit of 56" x 56". If you would like your poster larger than the limit, scale it down by half and the printer can scale it up. (For example for a 4' x 6' poster, type in 24"x 36" and the printer will double the size. This will not affect the quality.)
  • Fonts: For Greek characters, we recommend the SYMBOL font and NOT the insert function. The insert function will not print correctly. Many Microsoft fonts are installed as screen fonts and will not print properly. They can cause kerning problems even though they appear correct on screen - resulting in bunched up letters. This is not apparent until after the poster is printing. Please talk to the printer about your fonts.
  • Inserting Images: You may cut and paste text into your PPT document, but do not cut and paste charts, graphs or photographs into your PPT files. These items should be inserted into the file to be printed correctly. You do this by INSERT → PICTURE → FROM FILE select your image. This is also true for logos also.
  • Graphs made in SigmaPlot must be inserted as a jpeg, tif or bmp file.

PowerPoint Templates

We have created a couple of templates to suit your PowerPoint needs. Please choose the one that works best for you.

Health Sciences Photography

WVU Health Sciences works with WVU Photography Services and University Relations to schedule portraits and head shots, operating room and clinic photography, events, classroom and laboratory shoots as needed. WVU photographers are available by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment or request a photoshoot for your event or activity visit: 

Rates are $50 per hour with a 2.5-hour minimum. This form must be submitted AT LEAST 36 hours before the actual photo shoot is to take place.

Studio portrait shots will be billed at a one-hour minimum. Ten-person maximum per hour.

One Waterfront Place Studio Hours:
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Health Sciences Studio Appointment (G290 HSS) Hours:
Tuesday 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Thursday 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Unless special arrangements are made, photo assignments outside of normal business hours (8:15 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday) will be charged at time-and-a-half. Holiday assignments are at double time. If out of town travel is necessary, the requesting organization should assume these costs.

Assignments on weekends, evenings and holidays must be scheduled one week in advance.

Departments are encouraged to shoot their own photos for on-the-spot use in newsletters, social media, etc., and for informal head shots, group shots, social events, etc. UR Photography can offer guidance on in-house photography and can arrange a workshop at HSC if there is interest. 

MDTV Television Production Services

As one of the most effective forms of communication, video has the power to capture and engage your audience in a way that cannot be matched by other forms of media. MDTV can help produce documentaries, medical documentation, multi-camera live events, educational tutorials, training videos, web videos and more. Production and service rates are competitive with outside agencies. Contact MDTV at 304-293-5387.

Faculty Profiles

Online profiles in the HSC Directory provide key information about School of Medicine faculty to internal and external collaborators and the public. The faculty directory can store a wide range of information about School of Medicine faculty, including:

  • Academic Titles, Administrative Appointments
  • Contact Information
  • Bio/Personal History
  • Research Interests
  • Clinical Specialties
  • Publications
  • CV
  • Faculty Portrait
  • Lab Links
  • Links of Interest

For official faculty photos – for male portraits, please be sure to wear a suit and tie, or white coat and tie, as requested by the Dean's office. For female portraits, please wear professional business attire or a white coat.