Computer Software / Hardware Issues

The HSC Help Desk provides technical assistance to HSC students, faculty, and staff. Help Desk staff members are available to:

  • diagnose and resolve problems with desktop computing systems within the HSC;
  • diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems within the HSC;
  • provide support for Health Sciences students, faculty, and staff participating in the student notebook program;
  • HSC Help Desk is an authorized Lenovo, Dell, and Apple Service Center.

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Emergency Evacuation

All departments participate in the School of Medicine Evacuation Plan. The plan calls for all occupants to evacuate the building whenever the fire alarm rings. You will take the students out the appropriate exit and go to the designated meeting place. When the "All Clear" announcement is heard, you may return to the building. Your department Administrator will be able to give the specific meeting place for your department.

Promotion & Tenure

All faculty at West Virginia University are reviewed annually in accordance with University and School of Medicine policies, procedures and guidelines. More information on the School of Medicine's promotion and tenure procedures are available in the Guidelines for Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure document. West Virginia University's policies on promotion and tenure can be found at the Office of the Provost.

Research and Grant Applications

All full-time faculty in the School of Medicine, both in tenure and clinical track appointments, are obligated to show evidence of annual scholarly activity. For clinical track faculty, this is minimally in the form of regular peer-reviewed publication. Clinical track faculty may also be involved in clinical research, bench research and clinical trials studies. Tenure track faculty are expected to show a consistent publication record as well as extramural funding.

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Website Creation / Consultation

Contact the School of Medicine Webmaster via form at the bottom of the Contact Us page.