Phone Systems and Directory

HSC / Ruby Phones

The Health Sciences Center uses the Cisco IP Phones.

For hands-on training or documentation on how to use the HSC phone system, contact Information Technology Services (ITS).

Quick Dial Information – Dialing Ruby Extensions from HSC

In order to dial Ruby extensions that begin with 4 or 6 (e.g., 598-4xxx or 598-6xxx), you must dial 9-598-4xxx (or 9-598-6xxx). These extensions that begin with 4 or 6 are considered external numbers, and therefore may be dialed directly.

For internal Ruby extensions — those starting with 2, 3, and 5 — you must first dial 9-598-4000 for the main Ruby switchboard. As soon as the greeting begins, press 1, then press 7xxxx (x's represent the 4-digit extensions beginning with either 2, 3, or 5). At this point, you will hear hold music while you are transferred to the extension.

HSC Directory

Looking for a specific person or the personnel of a specific department? The HSC Directory website is a state of the art search tool for faculty within the Health Sciences Center.