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Medical Student Taking the blood pressure of a patient

Modeled after the "Operation Safety Net" program in Pittsburgh, our FMIG program is affectionately known as MUSHROOM - Multidisciplinary UnSheltered Homeless Relief Outreach Of Morgantown.

This program brings together medical, nursing, dental, social work and other health professional volunteers on "street rounds". We go by foot to those places where we are needed most: along the rivers and creeks, down the back alleys of downtown, and under the bridges.

Our goal is to reach out to those most marginalized from society. We help provide them with the basics of care including food, water, clothing, and basic medical intervention. More importantly, we offer a gentle hand, a warm smile, and a witness to their dignity as fellow human beings.  With these efforts often comes resistance in some form or another, however the group was recently featured by The Dominion Post featuring the "Hidden Community" that resides here in Morgantown. You can read can read the entire article by visiting here.

Volunteer for MUSHROOM

MUSHROOM Volunteer Street Rounds

Volunteers for street rounds please note the following:
The meeting place for Thursday evening street rounds has been changed due to construction near the Bartlett House. The Thursday evening groups will now meet in the lower level of the Pleasant Street Parking Garage at 6:45 pm. You will also need to bring $1.50 in coins to feed the parking meter. (click here for details and directions to new meeting place)

Special Thanks!

MUSHROOM received a huge donation of warm weather gear, socks, underwear, ointments, soaps, sanitizers, etc. from the following churches on December 3, 2018:

  • Olive United Methodist Church
  • Blacksville United Methodist Church
  • Miracle Run United Methodist Church
  • Wana United Methodist Church
  • Cassville United Methodist Church
  • Buckeye United Methodist Church
  • Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church
  • Fort Martin United Methodist Church
  • Arnettsville United Methodist Church
  • Lynch Chapel United Methodist Church
  • Laurel Point United Methodist Church
  • Snider Temple United Methodist Church
  • Granville United Methodist Church
  • Riverside United Methodist Church
  • Pastor John Brosky

UMC Donations