What We Do:

At the heart of WVU's Department of Family Medicine's Research Division is a mission to share knowledge and implement programs tailored to the unique landscape of family practice and primary care in West Virginia. Our focus extends to a population that is predominantly rural, elderly, less educated, and economically disadvantaged compared to the national average. Our Division of Research serves faculty, residents and fellows, and students to explore their ideas from culmination to presentation and publication. 

Recent years have seen this mission take shape through specific objectives:

  1. Enhance Evidence-Based Family Practice Research: We're boosting the potential for evidence-based research in both academic and community settings.

  2. Address Recruitment and Retention Challenges: We're tackling the chronic shortage of family practitioners in rural West Virginia by studying and overcoming recruitment and retention challenges.

  3. Prioritize Preventive Healthcare: Population-based studies are at the forefront, concentrating on prevalent diseases and behaviors impacting the health of our state's residents.

Our ongoing programs and studies are making strides toward achieving these objectives, ushering in positive changes in healthcare practices.

Dr. Courtney Pilkerton, Vice-Chair of Research, plays a pivotal role in amplifying our research projects and supporting our residents in their research endeavors. As her influence expands, we eagerly anticipate a profound impact and a healthier future for West Virginia.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are diligently contributing to the world of research, submitting articles, presenting at international and national conferences, and crafting works for publication. Explore the latest in our research endeavors, including recent publications, grants, presentations, and projects, under the Research section.

Research Division Faculty

A photo of Amie Ashcraft.
Amie M Ashcraft, PhD, MPH
West Virginia University
Director of Resident Research, Associate Professor, Service Track, Family Medicine