Beyond Routine Training

The Rural Scholars Program is looking for superior medical students who can meet the challenge of practicing primary care in a rural setting. Your preparation will go beyond the routine training found in most medical school or residency curricula and the demands and rewards will be just as unique. Successful practitioners will develop a unique set of skills and expertise that will significantly impact the delivery of healthcare in an underserved region.

The Rural Scholars program is designed to reward medical students with proven ability and a strong desire to practice Family Medicine in rural areas of WV. Candidates will benefit from financial incentives and an accelerated integration of medical school and residency that features advanced training and less loan repayment debt. The requirements of the program can be fulfilled within three years, the standard training period for postgraduates.

Students' fourth year of medical school will be maximized by an accelerated rural scholars curriculum with community experiences and sub-internships.  The Rural Scholar will then be linked to a position in the sponsoring Family Medicine program. The rigorous fourth-year experience enables Rural Scholar residents to participate in advanced procedural and leadership training usually found only at a fellowship level. Candidates will also experience coordinated rural rotations integrated with the medical school and residency curriculum. Graduates may eventually practice in one of these locations.