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Salaries and Benefits


  • PG 1 - $55,643
  • PG 2 - $57,707
  • PG 3 - $59,571
  • PG 4 - $61,684
  • PG 5 - $63,836
  • PG 6 - $66,362
  • PG 7 - $67,935
  • PG 8 - $70,725
  • PG 9 - $72,489
  • Clinical Psychology Interns                          $33,932
  • Clinical Health-Bariatric Fellow                    $50,884
  • Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow- Year 1     $50,884
  • Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow- Year 2     $52,884


  • PG 1 - $55,092
  • PG 2 - $57,136
  • PG 3 - $58,981
  • PG 4 - $61,073
  • PG 5 - $63,204
  • PG 6 - $65,381
  • PG 7 - $66,931
  • PG 8 - $69,680
  • PG 9 - $71,771


  • Parking: Areas B1 and E are reserved for Resident/Fellow parking at West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc.
  • Health Insurance: Residents/Fellows are eligible to enroll in the state employees health insurance or state managed health care options (HMO’s, etc.) through our Human Resources / Employee Benefits (304-293-4103). Health insurance will become effective the first day of the month (e.g. July 1st for a June hire, January 1st for a December hire, etc.) after your date of going on payroll.  Your elections will remain in effect through December 31st unless you experience a qualified Change in Status.
  • Disability Insurance: The opportunity to participate in a group long-term disability coverage is available through TIAA/CREF by contacting the WVU Human Resources / Benefits Office (293-4103).
  • Lab Coats, Meals, Night Call: Lab coats will be provided and laundered for Residents/Fellows training at West Virginia University. A meal card is provided for use while on call, please check with department coordinator. Adequate sleeping accommodations will be provided by WVU Hospital.
  • Malpractice Insurance: The West Virginia State Board of Risk and Insurance Management provides professional liability (malpractice) coverage. The Board of Risk is a state agency that self-insures professional liability coverage for all state employees. This occurrence-based coverage provides limits of one million dollars per occurrence. The coverage applies to all acts within the assigned duties and responsibilities of your residency training program; it does not cover you for outside activities such as moonlighting. You are required to provide your own professional liability coverage for activities outside your residency training program. You must report any questionable incidents concerning patient care to your program director and to risk management at the Health Sciences Center. A written report must be completed and sent to Risk Management (PO Box 9032) to be reviewed and forwarded to the Board of Risk as needed. Risk Management can be reached at 293-3584 (Health Sciences) and 598-4070 (WVUH).
  • Sick Leave and Vacation: Residents and fellows accumulate sick leave at a rate of 11.25 hours per month. Vacation is accrued by 15 hours per month. The amount of time that can be used is at the discretion of the program.
  • As employees of West Virginia University, residents and fellows have multiple benefits. A list of items available to employees includes: