"The display of a good histological preparation always appeals both aesthetically and intellectually since it is possible to see for oneself. No amount of tables or graphs can have quite the same impact as a good section." - Cook DJ. Cellular Pathology. Oxfordshire: Scion Publishing; 2006:7.

Histology is an integral part of modern research.

The School of Medicine is actively involved in basic and clinical research. There are many disciplines within the Pathology Department that contribute to research.

  • cellular pathology
  • proteomics
  • cytogenetics
  • microbial pathology
  • molecular pathology
  • tissue bank (Pathology Laboratory for Translational Medicine), also offering histology laboratory services for researchers

The Histotechnology Program offers rotations within research areas in the senior year.

For more information on these areas, please click here:
Pathology Research

WVU also offers graduate degree programs with MD/PhD and MD/MPH.