New Students

The Histotechnology Program is offered as a Track within the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics major. Students graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics independent of passing the national certification exam offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

The Histotechnology (HTL) Program professional curriculum is based at the WVU Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center. The first year consists of didactic and laboratory sessions focusing on routine laboratory procedures and techniques.  The second year focuses on complex procedures and techniques and on-site and clinical rotations. Clinical rotations will be completed at the program’s affiliated clinical laboratories. During laboratory sessions and clinical rotations, the students will apply their knowledge and skills by using state-of-the-art equipment to perform laboratory procedures under supervision.

Students are assigned to their clinical rotation sites upon their admission to the program.  A clinical affiliate placement is guaranteed but the clinical affiliate assignment to a specific clinical affiliate site location is not guaranteed.  Students who are assigned to off-campus sites will relocate to those sites for the final semester of the senior year.  Students are responsible for their own transportation and housing.

HSC Student Laptop Computer Program

When a student enters the BLD Program, participation in the Health Sciences Student Laptop Computer Program is mandatory.  This one-time cost of the laptop will be a separate item on the tuition and fees bill for the first semester (fall) within the Program.  The cost of this required laptop is a recognized educational requirement and will be included in financial aid calculations.  The laptop will be utilized in every class, including testing, and other out of class assignments.  Due to the security needed for specific programs on the laptop, students are unable to use their own computer for testing and classroom work.