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MATTER students must acquire and demonstrate proficiency of all of the WVU School of Medicine Outcomes for the Competent and Reflective Physician.  They must also complete all graduation requirements (e.g., complete 100 hours of community service and pass USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK/CS). There is no distinction between MATTER and non-MATTER students for both the first- and second-years of the curriculum. The MATTER curriculum is 16 weeks shorter across the third- and fourth-year curriculum. If selected to the MATTER track, students will work with an assigned career advisor to develop an academic plan during the spring term of the second-year of the curriculum. The academic plan will be implemented once a student has completed the second-year of the curriculum, which includes successfully passing USMLE Step 1 examination. 

The MATTER track reduces the third-year clerkships by eight weeks, leaving opportunities to complete requirements typically completed in the fourth-year of the curriculum, including CCMD 782 Critical Care and ICU, CCMD 784 Anesthesiology.  Specifically, eight of the reduced weeks are assumed from the OBGYN (2 weeks), Pediatrics (2 weeks) and family medicine (4 weeks) clerkships. Students must complete the Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry and Neurology clerkships in the fall (in any order). Students may complete the spring requirements in any order, as detailed in the academic plan developed under the guidance of an academic advisor.  Students also complete a “career elective” to help satisfy two weeks of CCMD 795 Independent Study.

Another eight weeks of the curriculum are reduced in the fourth-year curriculum from CCMD 795 Independent Study (electives).  Students will be oriented to their residency program during orientation activities in June, allowing for an efficient transition to the residency program. 

For more information on MATTER specialties reach out to one of our contacts.