Specialty Tracks

Culinary and Lifestyle Medicine Track

The Culinary and Lifestyle Medicine Track (CLM) is looking for medical students with a strong interest in nutrition and preventive health care. Students will be exposed to advanced knowledge of nutrition, physical activity, sleep adequacy, and stress management that will assist future physicians in advising and caring for patients. Students completing the track are eligible to sit for the National Culinary exam as an MSIV, and would graduate with this additional certification. 

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Rural Track

The WVU School of Medicine Rural Track is looking for superior incoming medical students who can meet the challenge of practicing primary care in a rural setting. Your preparation will go beyond the routine training found in most medical school curricula. The demands and rewards will be just as unique. Successful medical students will develop a unique set of skills and expertise that will significantly impact the delivery of healthcare in an underserved region.

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Global Health Track

The Global Health (GH) Track is available for WVU medical students and begins during the summer between the 1st and 2nd year. The purpose of the GH Track is to provide additional training and experience in global health to WVU students throughout their four years of medical school and to attract excellent students to the WVU School of Medicine who have a special interest in global health.

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Mountaineer Accelerated Track to Enter Residency

The purpose of the Mountaineer Accelerated Track to Enter Residency (MATTER) is to present an accelerated pathway toward residency for medical students who have committed to a core specialty at West Virginia University School of Medicine.  As a component of our career advising system, MATTER is a potential option for students to secure a residency position at one of our three clinical campuses. Students may apply to a core specialty, including emergency medicinefamily medicine, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics/gynecology, pathology, or pediatrics. If selected through a competitive process, medical students will complete the M.D. curriculum in 134 weeks, which is 26 weeks shorter than the typical curriculum. Students will be able to graduate in just over three academic years (3+) in August and then seamlessly transition into their residency program. While MATTER is a modified curriculum, selected track students must acquire and demonstrate proficiency of all of the WVU School of Medicine Outcomes for the Competent and Reflective Physician.

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