Event Galleries

The Student Services division of the Department of Medical Education sponsors several wellness events throughout the year for our medical students. Student well-being is important to their overall success in navigating the curriculum. These events have included the fall football tailgate, Student Olympics, and family picnics. For upcoming student events, check out the event calendar.

Recent Events

We have wellness events available throughout the year for our student body. The following galleries provide a look into the most recent events held during the current academic year. If you wanted to see some of our extensive past events feel free to browse some of the areas below which are categorized for your convenience.

Annual Events

From orientation to graduation, some popular events occur on a regular basis or are frequent enough to meet this criteria. These are outlined in this area and then further refined by the years in which they were held. This allows those students who desire a photo gallery experience that takes you through some of the school of medicine's most memorable moments.