Does your department offer any undergraduate classes or labs?

Yes, please visit our undergraduate site for more information.

I tried to register for the IMMB 327 course and was blocked?

This course is designed for Medical Laboratory Science Students. Students not in the Medical Laboratory Science Program but interested in taking the course can obtain a course override from the instructor before registering for the course. Please contact Ms. Valerie Watson, vwatson@hsc.wvu.edu.

Does MICB 200 have a lab?

MICB 200 is a 3-credit, lecture only, course.

I need to register for MICB 200, but I will be taking Biology 101 in the same semester. Is that ok?


I have applied to the nursing program and need a 3 hour credit lecture. Can I take the MICB 200 course?


Do I have to register for the course after the instructor has submitted a course override for me?

Yes, once the override has been processed, you can register in STAR.

I tried to register for MICB 323 and the class is full and I am blocked. I am trying to get into PA School. Can I take this course? I need the course with the lab component.

You would have to wait until the start of the class to try to obtain a course override from the instructor. This class is required for the Medical Laboratory Science Majors and they must all be registered first. Due to the nature of the labs in the course, the capacity of the class is restricted. A non-major will be allowed to register only if the capacity of the class has not been filled. We cannot guarantee entry to the course.

How do I apply for your graduate program?

Please visit the Research and Graduate Education Page for application and other information, http://www.hsc.wvu.edu/resoff/phdprograms/biomedical-sciences/default.aspx.