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Professional Program (M.D./D.D.S.)


MICB 801: Medical Microbiology for Medical Students

Medical students are taught basic microbiological techniques in microscopy, aseptic handling and transfer of bacteria, staining, isolation of bacteria, and identification of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa and parasitic helminths.

MICB 702: Medical Microbiology for Dental Students

Dental students are taught basic microbiological techniques in microscopy, aseptic handling and transfer of bacteria, staining, isolation & quantitation of bacteria, evaluation of efficacy of mouthwashes, antiseptics and disinfectants, and with emphasis on identification of oral bacteria, fungi, and protozoa and parasitic helminths.Summer Courses 

MICB 801S: Immunity, Infection and Disease

Course Description:

This online 9 hour credit course is designed for medical students who need to remediate or refresh current concepts in Medical Microbiology and Immunology. It may also be taken by graduate level students in the health professions or biomedical sciences. Students will attend a virtual classroom by viewing online recorded lectures and will interact with faculty and classmates through an online discussion forum. Progress in this course is evaluated by online examinations and performance on the NBME Subject Examination in Microbiology and Immunology.

Course Dates:

06/25/18 - 07/30/18

Qualifications and Prerequisites:

Prior to registration, students must apply for admission to West Virginia University as a non-degree graduate student in the School of Medicine. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid late fees. This process can take two or more weeks. Students are responsible for the $60.00 West Virginia University admissions fee.

Application Deadline and Fees:

June 11th 2018; Fee $3,963. For more information and application material, please contact the course coordinator, Brooke Phillips, bphillips@hsc.wvu.edu.

Other Registration Information, Housing Notes, Location Information, and Other Miscellaneous Information

Once application materials are accepted, students should contact the course coordinator for payment and registration information. If application materials will be delayed, please contact the program coordinator for more information. There are two recommended textbooks for this course. All lectures refer to these textbooks for background reading.

The NBME Subject Examination in Microbiology and Immunology is administered at the end of the course at the WVU Health Sciences Campus Learning Center. Travel to Morgantown, WV for this examination is not included in the tuition fee. It is possible to take the NBME Subject Examination at the student’s home institution, if that institution is approved by the NBME for on-line examinations. Please contact the course coordinator for more information.

Course Coordinator:

Brooke Phillips
West Virginia University School of Medicine
Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology
PO Box 9177, Health Sciences Center North
Morgantown, WV 26506-9177
Work: (304) 293-2649
E-mail: bphillips@hsc.wvu.edu

Recommended Textbooks:

The Immune System, 4th Edition
Peter Parham
The Immune System, 3rd Edition Front Cover

Mechanisms of Microbial Disease, 5th Edition
Moselio Schaechter
Mechanisms of Microbial Disease, 4th Edition front cover