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Emergency Medicine

LOCATION: Charleston Area Medical Center, Charleston, West Virginia
DURATION: 4 weeks preferred by Department/ 2 weeks - You will be given a schedule through e-mail on the New innovations system. You will be assigned to work at all three hospitals - Any shift is possible (DAY OR NIGHT)
OFFERED: Continuously
STATUS: Elective


Working under the direct supervision of the Emergency Department attending Physician, the student will:

  1. Be exposed to a wide variety of medical, surgical, gynecologic, and pediatric emergencies;
  2. Develop techniques and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of emergency room patients;
  3. Develop management skills in the rapid assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of illnesses.

Methods to Achieve Objectives

  1. The medical student will be part of a team approach to emergency conditions;
  2. He/she will be assigned to 2-3 specific attending physicians to:
    1. Increase familiarity with approach to patients and medical illnesses,
    2. To allow some variety in approaches to patient presentations,
    3. To provide ongoing feedback based on cumulative interaction;
  3. The student will rotate through the three emergency departments at CAMC:
    1. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Specializing in the care of traumatic injuries, both minor (e.g. lacerations, fractures), and major (e.g., MVA, assault),
    2. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: Specializing in the care of cardiac emergencies,
    3. WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL: Specializing in the care of children and women with obstetrics and gynecological emergencies,
    4. NB: For those students with a special interest, consideration will be given to rotations through a specific division for focused patient exposure;
  4. The role of the student will progress as their skill level and confidence do;
  5. Opportunities exist for clinical research and presentation experience.

Examination Procedures and Evaluation Criteria

Available in the department.

Pre-Rotation Instructions

When applying for this rotation please give a correct e-mail address so a packet can be mailed to you, including call schedule and an Emergency Medicine Text Book. One week prior to the beginning of the rotation, contact Stephanie Mason 304-388-7071 Stephanie.mason@camc.org All visiting students must report to the office of student services to meet with Charissa Davis @ 9:15 AM on the first day of this rotation.