Brain Camp Counselors

Staffing Needs:

Brain Camp will be staffed by 5 day counselors and 4 overnight counselors.


Pay: $1000 for the week

Day Shift Counselor (8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.)- The day shift counselors' main duty is being an educational role model. They are in charge of helping campers with education activities planned throughout the day, creating enthusiasm among campers and keeping an upbeat, positive attitude throughout. Hours can vary slightly throughout the week. Housing will not be provided for day counselors. All counselors must work check-in on Sunday and check-out on Saturday.

Night Shift Counselor (6:00 p.m.- 8:00 a.m.)- The night counselor is primarily in charge of overseeing and participating in recreational activities. They are in charge of student supervision overnight. Night counselors should be role models who are able to keep close track of campers during free time and evening activities. Night shift counselors are required to stay on campus in the dorms during the duration of camp. All counselors must work check-in on Sunday and check-out on Saturday.


  • Counselors must have a current driver's license.
  • Counselors must be able to attend the mandatory training prior to camper check-in.
  • Counselors must complete Rule 1.7 training (Youth on Campus Training) prior to start of camp.
  • Counselors are responsible for their own housing. (Exception for overnight counselors.)
  • Counselors must be a current WVU student (graduate or undergraduate). Preferably students with experience with neuroscience related interests/coursework. 


Applications will close at 12pm on May 6, 2023.
Applications will be reviewed once per month. Once we fill up, the application portal will close.

Apply Here


Questions should be directed to Becca Rohn