Class of 2019

Kany Aziz, MD
Emory College, Atlanta, GA, Internal Medicine Hospitalist

Mac Clarkson, MD
WVU Community Practice, Reedsville, WV, Primary Care Physician

Maggie Moreland, MD
Heritage Health Systems, Pittsburgh, PA, Internal Medicine Hospitalist

Kylie Parrish, MD
WVU Med/Peds Hospitalist, Morgantown,WVU

Class of 2018

Jessica Johnson, MD
Infectious Diseases Fellowship, WVU

Kacie Kidd, MD
Adolescent Fellowship - UPMC

Nick Mains, DO
Med/Peds Hospitalist, WVU

Leslie Romero, DO
Med/Peds Hospitalist, WVU

Kris Yoon, MD
Med/Peds Hospitalist, UCLA

Class of 2017

Candice Darville, MD
Med/Peds Private Practice in GA

Veronica Godsey, MD
Fellowship - PICU at UAB in Birmingham, AL

Jamie Latos, MD
Fellowship - Rheumatology at MUSC in Charleston, SC

Manisha Raj, MD
Med/Peds Hospitalist in TN

Class of 2016

Matt Akers, MD, PhD
Fellowship – Neonatal at WVU

Jeff Brejwo, MD – 2015-16
Fellowship – PICU at Milwaukee, WI

Christine Westfall, MD – 2015-16
Private Practice in Teays Valley, WV

Class of 2015

Lisa Costello, MD – 2014-15
Serving as Internal Medicine Chief

Allison Lastinger, MD – 2014-15
Fellowship – ID at WVU

Heather Samuelson, MD – 2014-15
Private Practice in Florida

Gigi Smith, MD – 2014-15
Returning to the Bahamas practice medicine

Class of 2014

Meredith Broberg, MD – 2013-14
Fellowship – PICU at Case Western

Chris Estel, MD – 2013-14
Fellowship – Cardiology at FSU

Ryan Hall, MD – 2013-14
Practicing at the Fairmont Clinic, Fairmont, WV

Cristina Pastuch, MD – 2013-14
Served as Pediatric Chief at WVU
Practicing at WVU satellite clinic in Morgantown, WV

Class of 2013

Krishna Kishore Bingi, MD – 2012-13
Cardiology Fellowship WVU

Kelley Gannon, MD – 2012-13
Chief Resident Internal Medicine at WVU
Practicing at WVU

Hafiz Imran Iqbal, MD – 2012-13
Nephrology Fellowship at WVU
Practicing at a private Facility in Beckley, WV

Class of 2012

Josephine Reece, MD – 2011-12
Global Health in Africa
Practicing at WVU

Naga Sirikonda, MD – 2011-12
Pulmonology/Critical Care Fellowship at WVU
Practicing in St Louis