WVU Physician Assistant “Clinical Adjunct Faculty” Pathway

Preceptors are vital to students' education. They are lifelong mentors that shape the students' clinical approach to medicine. The West Virginia University Physician Assistant Program values their support and sacrifice that has a profound impact on our program. 

-Adjunct status will be awarded on a 2-year basis

-Enrollment period will be from May to May.

-Application period will be April 1st-April 30th each year.

-Eligibility: PA-C, MD, DO, NP, CRNA, Nurse Midwife, Pharmacist, Dentist.

-Adjunct Faculty appointments in the Division of Physician Assistant Studies requires a significant contribution to PA students.

Apply to become a preceptor by completing the Preceptor Application. For questions, you may contact Forrest Olgers, PA-C, MBA, Director of Clinical Education at 304-293-4717 or