Courtesy Clinical Faculty

Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion Special Appointments Adjunct and Clinical Faculty (non-tenure)

Every School of Medicine relies heavily on individuals who provide service to the school with out direct compensation. These include medical practitioners, academic physicians, basic scientists, and other health sciences professionals who provide a multitude of service to the School on a voluntary or cooperative basis.

Department and/or the dean) may recognize volunteers who participate in any of the academic activities of the School of Medicine by receipt of faculty appointments. For these individuals, the term “adjunct” or “clinical” should precede their academic rank (i.e. Adjunct Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology or Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology) to identify their role in the institution. Participation by volunteer faculty includes regular contact with student or resents in an education and/or clinic setting, interacting with School of Medicine faculty, students and residents though research, teaching and service, and contributing in other ways to the Department, the School of Medicine, or to the University.

It is impossible to establish specific criteria for these appointments appropriate for every department or division, and discretion must be (and is) left to each academic unit within established guidelines to determine appointment, continuation and promotion of these individuals. Evaluations of clinic and adjunct faculty should be conducted annually at the departmental level.

Faculty Ranks, Qualifications, and Requirements


  • This position is viewed as a temporary position and, where feasible, appointment at the rank of Adjunct or Clinical Assistant Professor should be considered.
  • The qualifications and potential for service, teaching, and research, as defined in appropriate previous sections, should be used for evaluating appointments.

Assistant Professor

  • For physicians, board certification is recommended. Board eligibility is required except under extraordinary circumstances. For basic science faculty, postdoctoral experience or equivalent experience is required.
  • For Professional Programs faculty, appropriate postdoctoral experience or equivalent experience is required.
  • There must be demonstrated interest and participation in the goals of the School of Medicine.

Associate Professor

  • There must be demonstration of continued interest and commitment to the School of Medicine and West Virginia University prior to consideration.
  • Candidates should demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and achievements to be valued highly by colleagues at the local and/or state level.


  • There must be demonstration of continued interest and commitment to the School of Medicine and West Virginia University prior to consideration.
  • The primary consideration for promotion to Professor is substantial evidence of state, regional, national, and/or international recognition in one of the three areas of clinical service, teaching, or research. There should be a long-term record of distinguished service and/or contributions locally.

Qualifications and Requirements for Appointment and Continuation

Grand Rounds, M&M, Other Departmental CME Lectures (in person or via MDTV)

  1. Provide the Chairman’s office with attendance dates. CME Accrued Annually
  2. Provide the Chairman’s office with copies of certificates.

Medical Student and/or Surgical Resident Education

  1. Provide the Chairman’s office with documentation.

Clinical Program Growth

  1. Patient referrals to the WVU Department of Surgery.

Promotion and Tenure

  1. Provide Clinical Service, Teaching Activity, and Scholarly Activity for the current year, as well as, your most recently updated curriculum vitae (dated within the current fiscal year) during the annual Promotion and Tenure process.

Visiting Clinician

Contact Visiting Clinician Office by calling, 304-293-4933.