Self Registration


All that is needed for a person to legally donate their body to the Human Gift Registry is a signed and witnessed Donor Registration Form. No changes to one's will or other legal documents are needed. The donor form may be printed or downloaded(PDF format); instructions are included. After completion, signature, and witnessed, mail the form to the appropriate registry listed in the Contact Us section.

Donor Identification:

After receiving and processing the Donor Registration Form the registry will send the Donor an ID card that should be carried with them at all times. The Donor should make sure that others (family members, pastor, physician, etc.) are aware of the gift and how to notify the Human Gift Registry upon death.

Information Update:

If the donor's address changes, the Human Gift Registry needs to be notified of the new address. You may contact the appropriate registry in writing. If the donor wishes to rescind their gift, please notify the appropriate registry in writing with a signed letter of intent.

Retracting a donation: The donation forms you signed are proper legal documents, so if you wish to rescind your donation, you must notify the appropriate Human Gift Registry. Upon making this decision, state in a signed written document to the appropriate registry that you wish to revoke your earlier decision.

Click here for the Self Registration Form