CCMD 701 Welcome Letter

Dear MSI Students:

Welcome to the Website for MSI Problem-Based Learning (PBL)!

There are three course coordinators for MS1 PBL: Drs. Heather Billings, Steven Hardy and Andrew Shiemke. During the Fall 2015 Semester, the primary contact for students in the course is Dr. Hardy.

During the Fall semester of 2015, if anything comes up that involves your PBL exercise, please contact Dr. Hardy. My e-mail address is my phone # is 293-1501, and my office is Room 3072A HSN. Your input is welcomed at all times.

The first PBL session is Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

The PBL case material will appear each week in the Course Content area of the site with timed release to become available at the start of the PBL session.

The Course Information area of the site contains the course syllabus and schedule, facilitator contact information under "faculty", and the group assignments.

In the Links section of the website, there is some additional information for you to peruse. An easier to read version of your group and room assignments, information on developing useful learning issues and presenting them well, sample concept maps to give you an idea of how these are done and the level of detail typically expected, links to the simulation center website with preparatory material for your first experience there, and copies of the rubrics used for midterm and final evaluations.

Your facilitator will write an evaluation of your PBL performance at the end of the respective Fall or Spring time period which you will be able to access on-line in e-Value once completed.

Submission of case concept maps and lists of weekly learning issues:

In accordance with the rules for Recording Learning Experiences, the course directors grant students in MS1-PBL permission to use personal recording devices (i.e., cell phones, digital cameras) to photograph concept maps and learning issues for the purpose of distributing to their PBL group, group facilitator, and course directors. Students should use their assigned WVU email accounts to distribute these learning materials to their class. Please ensure that the quality of the image produced is sufficient for accurate and complete visualization.

  • Learning issues and the concept maps are to be sent via email to Gina Mazzetti ( upon completion of each case with the subject line referring to PBL and the case number/title.

You will be given the opportunities to evaluate each case, your facilitator’s performance, and PBL-overall during each semester. Your input is important to us, and has been used in the past to improve MSI PBL.

In closing, we offer this advice: RELAX AND ENJOY PBL! There are no "PBL exams" to have to prepare for! Best wishes to each of you for a great first year!