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Our History

History of the Biochemistry Department

The Department of Biochemistry strives for excellence in research and education. An important component of a culture of excellence is the record of past successes reflected in a program's history. The importance of history is also echoed in the Oath for Scientists*, which was written by Bob Craig and colleagues and is recited by our graduate students at their Research Induction Ceremony (comparable to the White Coat Ceremony for medical students) and at the investiture ceremony at commencement. The oath includes the passage:

"With this affirmation, I pledge to acknowledge and honor the contributions of scientists who have preceded me".*

The Department has undertaken the task of compiling our history. This builds upon "A History of Biochemistry as it relates to Medical Education at West Virginia University, 1869-1974", which was drafted by Dr. Reginald F. Krause. Our history has been organized in two timelines, a faculty timeline and an alumni timeline. To view our history, please follow the links below.

Faculty HistoryAlumni HistoryBiochemistry TodayUpdates & Feedback

*CR Craig, A Cather and J Culberson. 2003. An Ethical Affirmation for Scientists. Science 299:1982-1983.