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Welcome Letter

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in our residency program. 2020 has been a year like no other, and COVID-19 has fundamentally altered many aspects of our daily lives. Activities such as applying to and interviewing with residency programs may feel even more stressful than they would in a “typical” application year. Our program, department, GME community, and health system are collectively dedicated to adapting to the needs of applicants to make this process as seamless and informative as possible. Quality patient care is the core of any exemplary training program, and we have successfully adapted our clinical services to address the needs of our patients across multiple clinical settings. Additionally, we have made fundamental changes to enhance educational content for our trainees through technology in the face of the current pandemic. We have a long-established and nationally recognized telepsychiatry program which has helped foster our transition to broader experiences in virtual care and education while maintaining a sense of community. Through these changes, we continue to serve our patients with the highest level of dedication and recognize that our residents are integral to the care of our most vulnerable citizens.

Ultimately, our program goals are to have our residents share and create knowledge, gain a diverse clinical experience, and progress both individually and as a group. Resident quality of life and wellness are top priorities for our program; the city of Morgantown and the surrounding area provides many recreational and cultural opportunities and activities. Our residents work with world-renowned medical experts in a stimulating, supportive, and clinically comprehensive environment. Our residents serve the citizens of West Virginia and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals throughout the state, region, and beyond. We prioritize caring for underrepresented and under-served populations and seek individuals from a diverse cultural background. We train residents who are comfortable in any clinical setting or fellowship post-graduation and prepare individuals to take leadership roles in healthcare. We look forward to building a better and brighter future with our 2021 class.


Daniel E. Elswick, MD

Vice Chair of Education and Residency Director