Research opportunities abound at West Virginia University. Whether you come to us as a novice researcher or an experienced publisher and grant writer, our department has the support structure in place to allow you to reach success in scholarly activity and publication.

Our department has an outstanding research support system, led by our Interim Vice Chair of Research, Steve Davis, as well as a team of statisticians and PhD’s to assist you with everything from data collection and analysis to manuscript and poster development as well as submission of grant applications.

In accordance with ACGME common program requirements, a scholarly activity of publishable quality is expected during your residency. If you have a passion for doing additional scholarly activity, your interests will be fully supported and you will have the research support staff and faculty mentors to assist you in making your research efforts successful.

Residents are encouraged and supported in presenting their research at local, regional, national and international conferences and are financially supported by the department when doing so.

Recent areas of research interest of faculty and residents include but are not limited to:

Intimate partner violence
Stroke messaging & education
Patient satisfaction
Use of bedside ultrasound in the ED
Bedside ultrasound in medical education
Traumatic brain injury
Sports-related injuries