Grievance Procedure for Employees

Effective immediately, there is a new grievance procedure. The legislature revised the grievance process which is now outlined in WV §6C-2-1. The new interim procedure for WVU employees, including those at the regional campuses, is outlined as follows:

Level I: Conference or Informal Hearing

Until further notice, the grievance form is to be filed with the WVU President's office and a copy sent (by the grievant) to the Public Employees' Grievance Board. Send a copy of the form to: Mr. Earl Maxwell, Director, Public Employees' Grievance Board, 808 Greenbrier Street, Charleston, WV 25311 or fax to: 304 558-1106. A level I grievance must be filed within 15 working days of an incident. An employee can choose to have an informal conference or an informal hearing which would be tape recorded. A designee of the President will conduct the conference or hearing and issue a written decision within 15 working days of the meeting.

Level II: Mediation

If the employee is not satisfied with the response at Level I, he/she can appeal in writing, within 10 working days, to the Public Employees' Grievance Board with a copy to the WVU President's office. The Grievance Board will set a date for mediation which will be conducted by an administrative law judge (ALJ) from the Grievance Board.

Or, if both parties agree to share the cost, they can choose a mediator outside of the Grievance Board. The third option at this level, if both parties agree, is to conduct mediation (with an ALJ) and if any issues are unresolved at the end of the mediation, the ALJ will become an arbitrator and issue a decision on the remaining issues.

Level III: Formal Hearing with Administrative Law Judge

If the employee is still not satisfied with the outcome at Level II, he/she can file an appeal, in writing, with the Grievance Board within 10 working days of receiving the written report from Level II. A copy should be sent to the WVU President's office. The ALJ will schedule a hearing and issue a decision on the grievance within 30 days after the hearing.

Forms and More Information

The Grievance Board is currently in the process of developing a new grievance form and administrative procedures. Go to for the WVU Interim Grievance Form and more details.

If you have any questions about this new grievance process, please contact one of the following:

Human Resources – Employee Relations Unit
Jim Morris, Director of Employee Relations
(304) 293-7161

Provost's Office
C.B. Wilson, Associate Provost, Academic Personnel
(304) 293-2021

General Counsel's Office
Bobbie Brandt, Associate General Counsel
(304) 293-5841