Procedures for Appointment of Courtesy Faculty

  1. The department chair completes the Chair Courtesy/Volunteer/Clinical/Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form.
  2. The applicant completes both sides of the Applicant Clinical/Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form.
  3. Complete the Employee Information Form.
  4. Send a scanned copy of the Employee Information Form, the Chair Clinical/Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form, the Appointee Clinical/Adjunct Faculty Appointment Form, Curriculum Vitae (CV) resume, a copy of unrestricted medical license, and proof of liability insurance, if applicable to the SOM Finance Office.
  5. Finance will review for completeness and submit the request to the Dean’s Office for circulation.   
  6. The Dean’s Office circulates these requests the beginning of each month. Once approved, a notice of appointment contract is sent to the appointee.
  7. If the employee needs system access, we then submit the Business Service request to ITS to give them access.