Program Competencies

Upon successful completion of the Histotechnology Program and at entry-level proficiency, the student will:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and application of scientific facts and principles that contribute to the practice and operation of an anatomic pathology laboratory including routine and complex procedures, test/instrument selection, implementation and evaluation; quality control and assurance; financial operations, marketing and human resource management; information management; and education methodology.
  2. Assist/collaborate with the anatomical pathologist and/or pathologist’s assistant by participating in the examination, dissection, frozen sectioning of tissue samples and gross autopsy dissection in the hospital setting or in other medical environments.
  3. Receive accession and prepare tissue specimens for microscopic examination through routine and complex procedures and recognize sources of error.
  4. Recognize factors that affect the procedures and results and take appropriate action when necessary.
  5. Perform preventative and corrective maintenance on equipment and instruments and identify the need for repair.
  6. Demonstrate correct safety practices.
  7. Demonstrate ethical and moral attitudes and principles essential to gaining the trust and confidence of other members of the health care team.
  8. Maintain professional competence through continuing education and by leading supportive personnel and peers in their acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes.